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Stearns County Recorder's Office

3301 County Road 138

Waite Park MN  56387

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The Office of Stearns County Recorder Welcomes You!

Providing high quality customer service is one of the most important missions of the Stearns County Recorder’s Office.

This on-line information system provides you with the opportunity to research recorded data and images of real estate records at your convenience. 

Software enhancements and upgrades will be installed periodically to maintain superior system features and functionality.  Your comments and suggestions regarding this online record research system will be appreciated and will be considered as program enhancements are developed.


Archived records dated back to 1855 are maintained in the Stearns County Recorder’s Office.  To enhance archival preservation and record accessibility, conversion of historical records into computerized record management systems is ongoing.









Beginning Date


Beginning Number

Beginning Date

Beginning Number


Jan 1, 1992


Aug 20, 1984




July 26, 1915


July 26, 1915



Tax Liens

July 28, 1959


July 28, 1959


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